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Temat: Adobe After Effects CS5 Incl Activation [2010]
...Effects CS5 Native 64-bit OS support new Work fluidly on high-resolution projects ? even at 32-bit-per-channel color inside HD, 2K, and 4K compositions. Use all of your system's RAM. View a list of 64-bit third-party plug-ins. Roto Brush Isolate foreground elements from backgrounds in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take using this revolutionary new tool. AVC-Intra and enhanced RED support Work natively with tapeless footage from the newest high-quality Panasonic cameras thanks to AVC-Intra 50 and AVC-Intra 100 support. Take advantage of improved support for RED R3D formats, and gain additional controls for working with raw footage. Do more with tapeless workflows Dozens of enhancements Benefit from dozens of customer-requested refinements that yield big productivity gains ? such as the ability to align layers to comps. Color Finesse enhanced Enjoy an enhanced color correction workflow with the new...

Temat: czyzby kolejna ciemna strona GOOGLE:)
...COMPANY OF JAPAN, LIMITED. All rights reserved"   (- finaly I got to know the       meaning of the letters in the brand name JVC :)     * "V.Networks [Motion Picture(Java)"      * "Control the Pan/Tilt and move to the Preset Position"  FlexWatch cameras:     * /app/idxas.html      * "Saving & Retrieving Mode"  Panasonic cameras:     * /ViewerFrame?Mode=Motion  TOSHIBA cameras (maybe you need Java):     * "TOSHIBA Network Camera - User Login"  Sony cameras:     * /home/homeJ.html  webcamXP (software):     * "my webcamXP server!"  -Poprostu wpisujesz wgoogle i szukasz  :twisted:  :twisted:  :twisted: zapomnialem jeszcze mozna tesz to :...

Temat: NIKON D60-------------------------WARTY CZY NIE:?-----------
...pochwalić) -Mniejsze i lżejsze body/obiektywy -Jedyny działający system czyszczenia matrycy ">Dust removal conclusion Here is our ranking according to effectiveness: 1. Olympus: good 2. Canon: poor (we are disappointed) 3. Pentax and Sony: useless (we are very disappointed) If you are looking for a camera, have the dust removal as an expectation only at the end of your list. If sensor cleaning / dust removal is a must, the choices are limited to Olympus and Panasonic cameras.


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